Cooking: Gluten Free Banana “Pancakes”

OK, This one is super quick and super simple.


  • 1 Banana
  • 2 eggs




Mash the banana in a bowl with a fork until it is essentially a paste.


Then add the eggs.


Mix in the eggs until it is a thin batter like consistency.


Add oil to a skillet and cook on medium heat just as you would with any normal pancake.


You’re done!


Serve with or without syrup, this pancake has a really great flavor and texture and tastes ALMOST like a “normal” pancake.  Loaded with protein and goodness, and low on the calories!

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Making Apple Aluminum Keyboard work under Windows

Finally, after FOUR years of running this specific Hackintosh that dual boots with Windows, I have bothered to take the time to figure out how to make the Apple Aluminum Keyboard work 100% under Windows (On a NON Mac hardware machine.) My Volume and play control buttons work in windows now!! Even with the nice Apple On Screen Display. I can CONFIRM working on Windows 7 64BIT, almost positive that the same process will work on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 64bit (Assuming 32 bit variants would just require using the 32 bit drivers) (more…)

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